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Our Identity, our Philosophy

Passion for nature, sustainability and conscious living

Mana EcoRetreat is hosted at a traditional Canarian farmhouse which has been restored in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

Our long-term aim is to create a sustainable ecological retreat with strong connections to the stunning nature of Lanzarote.
A haven for nature lovers, ecotourists and relaxation seekers alike.

We are perfectly located to explore Lanzarote’s stunning scenery and observe the local wildlife. An excellent base for walking, hiking, biking, diving and the wide range of water sports the island has to offer.

Sustainability Policy

In 1993, Lanzarote was acknowledged by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, the term created to distinguish and preserve those territories where representative ecosystems of a biogeographic region are present and the conditions that allow sustainable economic development and compatible use of the territory coexist with the conservation of its natural resources.

Lanzarote exemplifies the perfect symbiosis between man and nature, which without a doubt, contributes to this international recognition.

At Mana EcoRetreat, we are aware of the importance of ongoing development in responsible tourism, in an economic, social, environmental and cultural sense. We recognize our responsibility to respect the environment which hosts us and we commit ourselves to follow environmental best practice, where possible throughout all of our business activities.

We continually seek ways to conserve and protect our precious natural resources, to minimize energy and materials waste, whilst providing a consistent and excellent standard of service to all our guests.

Our main activities in this respect are:

Energy Conservation
• Installing Solar panels for the provision of hot water and pool heating
• Using LED Energy Saving bulbs
• Purchasing energy-efficient equipment (minimum A+)

Reducing Waste Recycle/Re-use
• Preference of reusable materials, such as, glass and aluminum, instead of single-use plastic
• Using recycled paper napkins and toilet paper
• Using recycled plastic waste bags
• Recycling kitchen oils
• Having our own in-house water bottling system for guests whereby filtered water is supplied re-useable glass bottles.

Water Consumption
• Laundry, by reducing the number of towels we wash, we reduce water consumption, energy and use of detergents
• Garden, by choosing indigenous plants or at least resistant to water scarcity and adopting the typical picon garden to fight land erosion.

Responsible Purchasing
• Purchasing responsibly as much as possible, such as, Lanzarote organic fruit, vegetables, honey, cheese and eggs by local farmers
• Using Fair Trade, Bio, Organic and certified products, such as, bed linen and towels (GOTS), ecological detergents for cleaning and natural soaps for personal care.

As part of an eco-friendly community, we are always open to any suggestions from our guests that will aid our sustainability.